Friday, April 5, 2013

A 1920s Robe de Style

From my 1920s Pinterest board
I adore the 20s Robe de Style gowns, they hark back to the 18th century pannier gowns and they have a waist and hips.

I decided to make one for this year's Blue Mountains Roaring Twenties and All That Jazz festival this February.

My friend Sam gave me a copy of Draping a Magic Dance Gown from 1928. Now who wouldn't want to make a 'magic' dance gown!

I decided to use it as my guide to make my own dance gown as it has all of the elements of a Robe de Style. I intended wearing the gown to the Tango Evening at The Parragon Cafe in Katoomba.

I didn't chart my progress I'm afraid, but I followed the guide faithfully and here is my result.

My fabric was a silk chiffon saree for the over gown and the under gown was a 'gold' lame for the bodice and a beautiful blue silk for the skirt, all from the fabric stash.

Good photo of gown, shame my eyes are shut though!
I used pink netting, also from the stash, to make my panniers, that was the only deviation I made from the instructions.
 I loved the way it turned out, finally a 20s gown that I enjoy wearing!
Tangoing badly, lol!
Eyes open this time.

I love the gown, its fun to wear and I love the huge hips the pannier's provide. I know, I'm weird!


  1. This is beautiful and just the style I was looking for.

  2. Hello,
    I'm new to sewing and have just fallen in love with Robe de Style. I was wondering if you used a pattern for this or just followed the instructions of the 'magic dress'. Did you also make your own pannier? The dress you made is marvelous and I do love the enthusiasm of your blog!
    From Lou


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