Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Regency Bonnets for Jane Austern Festival Australia

Only two more sleeps and then its the Jane Austen Festival Australia for 2012. I have made my gown wardrobe, but I need bonnets to wear with the gowns and a lace cap. So I spent the Easter weekend constructing my 'Easter' Regency bonnets, from ribbons, lace, fabric and an old sun hat.

I used the tutorial created by the Oregon Regency Society, How to Make a Regency Poke Bonnet, which is very helpful.

I also researched period styles (aka 'drooled over delightful millinery') by viewing the delightful water colour sketches from the Ackerman's Repository.

As well as my straw boneet, I made a cloth bonnet from a 1920s sun bonnet pattern and it worked very well, this bonnet will be worn with my 1820s archery gown at the archery afternoon on Friday at the Festival.

I still have to make my lace cap as I am a respectable married woman after all, lol! This will be hand stitched on the three hour drive to Canberra.

So, here's what I created:

Lace bonnet made with an old sun hat and ribbons, lace and fabric from my stash, I wanted something that I could wear with all my gowns, hence the white and gold colour way.

... then I made a cloth bonnet from my 1920s sun bonnet pattern to wear with my archery gown, hence the lincoln green, black and pink motifs. I used a very stiff interfacing for the brim, but next time I will buy some buckram as it will hold its form so much better.


  1. I love the archery bonnet. I wonder if I have time to make something out of my leftover fabric.


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