Thursday, April 5, 2012

Archery gown 1820s - puffed sleeves and van dyke points

So the sleeves, I love these puffed sleeves and they were fun to create, the van dyke points and the sleeve puffing through it are so Italian Renaissance. Early posts can be found here.

The sleeves are made with four layers, salmon cotton lining, middle layer of netting to hold the sleeve shape, green cotton fashion fabric, and the van dyke points made with the cotton velvet, salmon cotton lining and dark brown silk trim.

There's a lot of sleeve bulk to handle, particularly when gathered, but slow and steady and tacking wins the race lol!

Here are the images of how I put them together.

Get gathers of sleeve correct for armhole
Then attach van dyke points
Outside view of sleeve with van dyke points attached
Sleeve needed an extra van dyke point
Extra point added after sleeve stitched in, a tad irritating to do, but I wasn't going to unpick that sleeve!

Back view with bodice trim

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