Thursday, July 19, 2012

Regency knee breeches - Jane Austen Festival

The Regency tailcoat I made, needs a pair of knee breeches (pronounced britches) to go with them. Regency trousers were dropped front, baggy bottomed and very tight to show off the fine turn of their thighs and ankles from all that 'huntin', shootin' n fishin' that the gentleman spent his days pursuing out of the season.

I am aiming to emulate the knee breeches on the left, I don't know the image source but it comes from Jeanie's website, Sense and Sensibility.

The most difficult construction element for these pants, is the drop front waist. Its not that difficult, but you do have to concentrate to ensure success, well at least I do lol!

Here are the steps of putting a front fall trouser front together, hope it helps you do yours.
  1. Attach fall binders and bearers to front of trousers

 2. Stitch down 1/4" seam
 3. Cut the front fall open, don't go past your stitching line!

4. Press your fall bearer to the centre
 5. Fold your fall binder to the wrong side and pin and then stitch down

 6. Create a nice point at the front of the fall with the binder, stitch down. That's it really.
 This is what it looks like when finished.
 Next I stitched the front trousers together along the crutch line, then stitched the fall facing pieces together and attached to the front fall.
 Inside of front fall of trousers with the facing attached
 Full front fall with facing and right and left front trousers attached at crutch.
 What's behind the fall drop? The bearers.

Here's the breeches completed bar hand sewing.

I forgot to take photos while doing the back of the breeches with the gusset insert, I had a friend pop over and I was so busy chatting and stitching that I forgot, I shall notate it next time I make a pair.

Back of breeches with gusset and pleats to give that 'lovely' baggy bum look!

Now to check for length and fit the legs nice and tight.

Silly fitting photos follow ...

They fit well, so next to add the side button plackets, lacing in the back gusset and all the button holes and buttons.

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