Friday, September 17, 2010

Re-enactment, living history and historical sewing

For me, making a gown from another time period is like time travel, I am taken back to a pre-industrial world, when a new gown couldn’t be bought in a shop, where creating something special was exciting and filled you with such anticipation, where you spent time on the embroidery and beading and couldn’t wait to finish your creation and wear it to the ball.

I use historical construction methods and my 21st century sewing machine. I use hand stitching that is period correct on the outside of the gown, combining the best aspects of past and present. It’s immensely satisfying.

I am a member Society of Creative Anachronists, a worldwide medieval reenactment group and create historical garb in the style of a particular period between 650 AD (Vikings) to 1650 AD (Anne Boleyn).

I dress up in other time periods as well: 

I love vintage fashion, particularly early 20th century, ‘20’s, ‘30’s, ‘40's but originals are often too delicate or too small or too expensive, so I recreate outfits from original patterns of the times.

Create your special gown with me
You and I will work together to create your gown, you will gain confidence in your skills and creativity, learn new skills and refresh old ones and teach me as well.

In my Blue Mountains studio or in your home, together we will stitch up a gown. 

In the style you want.

From any period of fashion or cosplay.

Medieval to Renaissance, Regency to Victorian crinolines and bloomers, Edwardian to Flapper, 40's austerity to 50's extravagance, 60's mods to contemporary couture and everything in-between.

A gown that fits you perfectly.

That you make yourself, with me guiding you through the whole process, regardless of your sewing skills.

One-on-one or group sessions are available.

Classes are run throughout the year in my Blue Mountains studio.

02 4701 9345

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