Monday, September 30, 2013

Regency Frolics - Our 1813 inaugral ball at The Paragon Cafe in Katoomba

Resting from the dancing
"A splendid ball was also given; where the CONSUL himself tripped it on the light fantastic toe." The Times, November 1803.

On Saturday 28th September, I held The Tailor's Apprentice's first Regency Frolic! We celebrated the 1813 crossing of the Blue Mountains by Europeans with a ball in one of the Blue Mountains most iconic venues, The Paragon Cafe.

It was a glittering affair in the elegantly appointed Paragon Cafe, the cafe was built in 1916 in the Art Noveau style popular in the period and creates the perfect ambiance for a celebration. Attendees reported that they felt they were at a private ball in a country estate, the feeling of intimacy and style was appreciated.

We started with dancing instruction from our Dancing Master, Caroline Barrel, this gave those who had not danced in the style of the period confidence for the ball. Our music was played skillfully by Mr Wentworth's Fancy, a group of local musicians who kept out feet moving joyfully all evening!

Then the commencement of the ball proper with a grand march, then we moved into the dances of the period. We adjoined for an elegant dinner in the style of the period, all receipes prepared by the Two Hat Chef of The Paragon Cafe from recipes of the Regency period. This was followed by a wonderful performance by our soprano Gabriel Bieniek. Then more dancing till we had to end. Those preferred the card room to the ballroom were accommodated with games of the period, Loo, Over and Unders, Whist and Hazard.

As my photos below show, everyone enjoyed themselves and like all good times, there wasn't time enough to enjoy it all and we had to leave too soon!

Learning the steps from the Dance Master
Concentrating on what is being taught
Striking a grand pose
Enjoying a rest
Chatting in the salon
Chatting about their day's shoot
Resting from the dance
Learning the rules of Hazard
Awaiting their next dance
'... and men were few'
Our band, Mr Wentworth's Fancy
Enjoying their meal
My partner and I

Our songbird, Gabrielle
Regency deserts
Damn, their goes the stables!
Oh and now the estate!
Still have energy for dancing
One last swing around their partners!
I hope to have the professional photographer's photos this week and I will post them in another blog post. On the Sunday we held a Regency picnic at Wentworth Falls Lake which I shall tell you about in another post :)

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  1. It was a fantastic night! The food, games, singing and dancing was perfect. The ladies, of course, were beautiful!

    Looking forward to the next event!


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