Saturday, June 30, 2012

Petticoat - Travel wardrobe for Jane Austen Festival...

Regency petticoat, source unknown
I need a new petticoat for Bath, I like the style on the right, it ensures the bodice of the gown has less bulk underneath.

You can read all about my wardrobe requirements for Bath in my earlier post.

This has been an easy project, I used my skirt pattern from Sense and Sensibility's Elegant Lady's Closet.

I calculated the waistband circumference by putting on my stays and taking that measurement around the bottom of the stays.

I also calculated the length of the 'braces' that hold the petticoat skirt on the body by measuring the length across the shoulders from the side front xtays, across the stays straps, to the side back stays.

Petticoat back with gathers, I created a side slit to enable me to put it on with ease

Front without gathers

Petticoat finished:
Back view with side opening

 Close up of front, my stays aren't laced as tightly as they could be on Ermentrude.

To finish it I hand stitched the hem with shell stitch while watching the Olympics and then discovered that it was too long, argh!, so I put in a two inch tuck and shell stitched its edge and it looks very pretty and I saw lots of the Olympic events as well.

Shell hemmed edges at bottom of petticoat

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