Friday, May 4, 2012

Jane Austen Festival Australia 2012 ~ my impressions

'Off on pleasure bent again Lizzie' Mr Bennett, Pride and Prejudice

And so it was for we lucky attendees at the 2012 Jane Austen Festival Australia run by the Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy and for me, it was the best costuming event I have been too in many years.

The event is excellently priced, the attendees are friendly and pleased to be there, the venue perfect, the food wholesome, abundant and often home made, we went to balls, attended the play, danced our feet off at workshops and the ball, we shot arrows from our bows, attended fascinating talks on the time and life of Jane Austen. It was delightful!

Here are some of my photos from the event, you can view more on my FB The Tailor's Apprentice photo stream ...

Archery, yes, with modern bows, but still great fun
Some of our lovely ladies from the Australian Costumers Guild
Dance exhibitions by Aylwen and John Garden-Gardiner and friends
Glove buttons can be so awkward
Dance classes
Dancing the set
Archery with a repro 19th century bow
The dandies at the ball
The ball!
The maypole dance
beautiful ladies of the Australian Costumers Guild
Elegant gents at the promenade

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