Sunday, March 11, 2012

Toile for Regency Archery dress for Jane Austen Australia festival

Its been a while since my last post on this gown. I've been really busy in the 1940s finishing the last stitches for my Miss Page 1940s collection pattern photo shoot in two weeks time. I launch in May and while that may seem a long way away, it certainly isn't if you look at my project plan, argh!

But this Sunday I have some free time so I have made the toile to test my pattern. Here are the earlier posts for your reading pleasure Post 1, Post 2

So, I've been adapting this pattern from Tidens Toj for the skirt and puff sleeves as they are very similar.

I played with the bodice, my original shoulder placement was too high, I've moved it to the back of the shoulder. I also need more pleats on the front shoulder I think.

The new shoulder placement back view. More pleats required here as well.

 Puffed sleeve with vandyke detail, this needs to be gathered into the sleeve head.

 Detachable long sleeve added, it needs more length as these sleeves scrunch up on your arms. I've lost the top sleeve puff with the weight of the longer sleeve, it might need a light 'puff' support to keep the shape. Plus I'll add more gathers to it.

As you can see, the skirt pattern gives the right A-line front and gathers at the back.I need to add more gathers to the side and the back for the fashion fabric iteration.

So, toile almost to my satisfaction, it really only needs some design tweaks. Hopefully I'll sort those today and be able to move onto the fashion fabric next week. Less than a month to the Jane Austen Festival Australia, argh! Will I make it readers .... watch, read and see!

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