Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My costumes and gowns

Rudi with hher owner who is wearing my cothardy and veils
19th century underwear

1890's sports outfit ~ bloomers
Medieval maidens
1890s walking outfit on left
Regency bucks. Helped student make the gold jacket and made entire outfit on right
Blue Regency gown

1880s bustle gown

Recreation of a Madame Vionnet gown from her 1929 collection

 'Mad Men' inspired 1950's ensemble

Late Italian Renaissance 
as seen on 
The Italian Showcase of The Realm of Venus 
Italian Renaissance website
Italian Renaissance chemise, linen, hand and machine stitched
as seen on The Italian Showcase of The Realm of Venus Italian Renaissance website

Italian Renaissance gown circa 1490's
 as seen on The Italian Showcase of The Realm of Venus Italian Renaissance website

A Burgundian gown, medieval period

Show girl Can Can skirt, circa 1880's with modern adaptations

Winter Magic 2010: Right is J-L in her Highland garb all sourced from second hand shops, Left is me in my 1880's bustle, bloomers and jacket with modern leg warmers (knitted by J-L)and other accessories

Monk's outfit based on a medieval 'T-Tunic'

Back of monk's garb

1920's tango dress from a FolkWear pattern, linen fabric

Regency 'buck', shirt, vest and jacket made by me, trousers purchased but are period correct. Lulu is to the right on lead

Early Italian Renaissance on right and Celtic Highlander on left

A simple wool cotehardie, 'a truly remarkable garment, through out history there are few garments as special as this one. For this was the first tailored garment in European if not world history. Before the cotehardie most clothes were some kind of variation on a bag with sleeves and a hole for your head.'

A cotton velvet bliaut with silk lined sleeves

Me in my velvet bliaut, J-L in her chocolate brown bliaut (made by me) and two friends in borrowed garb

My rope corset, the most comfortable corset I have ever made


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  2. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! You are so very talented.


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